Pink cashmere fabric

We believe in forever fashion, not fast fashion

Help us keep clothes out of landfills by cleaning out your closet, or filling it up with J.Crew hand-me-downs.

Resale, by the numbers...


J.Crew items recirculated and given a second chance.


pounds of driving emissions avoided.


gallons of drinking water saved.*

Individual wearing a green cashmere J.Crew sweater

Our planet is the most important hand-me-down of all...

So let’s make a difference, starting with our clothes.

Since 1983, we’ve designed timeless styles that are made to last for generations. Think about some of your favorite wearable heirlooms: that softer-than-soft cashmere sweater, those perfectly broken-in jeans—we want you to pass those on when you’re done wearing them. 

But unfortunately, 73% of pre-owned clothes are sent to landfills or incinerated, instead of being reused or recycled.**

Neatly folded pile of J.Crew cashmere sweaters

We’re on a mission to redefine the hand-me-down

Putting an item of clothing back into the circular economy (aka, handing it down, and around) extends its life by an average of 2.5 years. Plus, when people shop (and wear!) secondhand, the demand for new clothing production goes down, which reduces carbon emissions by an average of 25%.*

That’s why we created J.Crew Always, in partnership with thredUP.

A neatly folded pile of J.Crew clothes with a J.Crew x thredUP Clean Out Kit on top

Clean out your closet, clean up the planet

Your help means the world to us, literally.

Trade in

*Source: Green Story Inc. **Ellen MacArthur Foundation